To contact us:

Phone: 250-724-5032 Fax: 250-724-5032

Upcoming Events

  Joy (Just Older Youth) Group Bible Study

                             ◊ September through May

                          10:00 am Tuesday mornings

                             7:00 pm Tuesday evenings

                          For more information please phone

                             Pastor Platz at 250 724 5032  or

                             Clair Denninger at 250 731 8635

Schedule of Events

  Sunday School

                             September through June

                           ◊  9:45 a.m. Sunday Mornings

                           ◊  Bible Adventures for Ages 3 – 9

                             For more information please

                           phone Pastor Platz at 250 724 5032

child by Arya wigunavadhana

Grace Lutheran Ramblers

                                     Hiking Group once a month

                                             10:00 am—Noon

                                         Half way through will have a

                                         rest and short devotion

    Encouraged to bring a drink and snack

    For more information please phone Terry Zibin at

        (250) 206 8507.

The first hike of the Grace Lutheran Ramblers for 2024 will occur on February 17th beginning at the Cougar Smith Park on Faber Road . This park is close to where the Fenske's live at Sproat Lake. If you need directions please speak to Terry or Walt. The hike will begin at 1:30pm and is on the harder side of easy. In other words the start of the hike is a gentle uphill climb for about a75m elevation gain. Overall this hike will last for about 90 minutes. There will be a short devotion at the halfway point. Because we are in winter, the hike will not happen if it is raining. A decision regarding the weather will occur Saturday morning and posted on the Grace Facebook page if it is cancelled by 10:00am.